What Stores Accept Klarna In Store

An Absolute Guide on What Stores Accept Klarna In Store [2024]

Discover what stores accept Klarna in store purchases. Find out where you can shop conveniently with Klarna’s flexible payment options, from fashion to electronics and beyond

Klarna has appeared as a popular choice among the various creations in payment methods for shoppers who want a seamless and adaptable shopping experience. While Klarna is well known for its web-based payment arrangements, its mix into in-store shopping has become common, offering customers the adaptability to deal with their buys that suit their way of life.

In this blog entry, we will investigate the universe of in-store shopping with Klarna, featuring the accommodation it brings and giving experiences to the stores that have embraced this installment strategy.

This guide aims to provide you with helpful information about where you can use Klarna to make in-store purchases, whether you are an experienced Klarna user or someone interested in adopting this payment method.

From style stores to electronic stores, Klarna’s acknowledgment in actual retail stores keeps on developing, carrying another degree of adaptability to the customary shopping experience.

Go along with us as we dive into the subtleties of this creative installment framework, finding how it works on exchanges and upgrades the general shopping venture.

Remain tuned for bits of knowledge into direct stores that have embraced Klarna, empowering you to shop quickly and for accommodation. We’ll explore the list of stores that accept Klarna in-store in 2024.

What Is Klarna

Klarna is a big company that helps people pay for things they buy. It started in Sweden in 2005, and now lots of people all over the world use it to pay for stuff.

With Klarna, you can pay for things online or in a real store using different ways to pay. You can choose to pay later or in little parts, or just like using a regular credit or debit card. This makes it easier for people because they can decide how and when to pay for what they buy.

Klarna also helps stores make it easy for people to pay. Stores can use Klarna to let customers pay in different ways, making it a simple and easy process.

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People really like Klarna’s “Buy Now, Pay Later” choice because it lets them split the payment into smaller parts or pay later without extra charges.

In short, Klarna is a helpful service for paying for things online and in stores. It gives flexibility and makes paying for stuff easier for both the people who buy things and the stores that sell them.

Countries Accept Klarna In-Store [2024]

Here’s the list of countries where Klarna is accepted in-store, categorized by continent:

EuropeNorth AmericaOceania
SwedenUnited StatesAustralia
United Kingdom

What Stores Accept Klarna In Store [2024]

Here’s the information you provided organized into a table:

CountryFeatured Stores
SwedenH&M,IKEA,Stadium, Apoteket, Desigual
NorwayXXL Sport & Villmark, ARK Bokhandel, Clas Ohlson
FinlandTokmanni, Stockmann, Vero Moda, Stadium
DenmarkJYSK, Matas, Vila,Normal
GermanyZalando, Saturn, MediaMarkt, Douglas
AustriaXXXLutz, Müller, Hervis, Intersport
NetherlandsCoolblue, Bol.com, Mediamarkt, Hunkemöller
BelgiumFnac, MediaMarkt, Brantano, Dreamland
SwitzerlandManor, Coop, MediaMarkt, Dosenbach
FranceGaleries Lafayette, Fnac, Darty, Sephora
ItalyEuronics, Trony, Unieuro, Coin
SpainEl Corte Inglés, Fnac, MediaMarkt, Mango
PolandMediaMarkt, RTV Euro AGD,CCC, RESERVED
United KingdomASOS, Boohoo, JD Sports, Schuh
United StatesNike, Sephora, Adidas, Ray-Ban
CanadaSephora, Harry Rosen, Adidas, lululemon
AustraliaDavid Jones, Myer, JB Hi-Fi, Cotton On

How To Use Klarna In Store

Using Klarna for in-store purchases is generally straightforward. Here’s a simple guide on how to use Klarna in-store:

Check Availability

First, make sure the store you want to buy from accepts Klarna for payment. You can usually find this out on the store’s website or app, or you can ask someone who works at the store.

Download the Klarna App

If you still need to, download the Klarna app from the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices).

Create or Log In to Your Klarna Account

Open the Klarna app and either create a new account or log in to your existing Klarna account. Make sure your account information, including payment methods and personal details, is up to date.

Select Klarna at Checkout

When you’re ready to make a purchase at the store, proceed to the checkout counter. Inform the cashier that you’d like to pay with Klarna.

Generate a QR Code or Provide Your Phone Number

Depending on the store’s setup, the cashier may ask you to generate a QR code from your Klarna app or provide the phone number associated with your Klarna account.

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Complete the Transaction

Follow the prompts on the screen or provide the necessary information to the cashier to complete the transaction using Klarna. This may include selecting your preferred payment method (e.g., “Buy Now, Pay Later” or installment plan) and confirming the purchase.

Review Your Klarna Account

After the transaction is completed, you can review your purchase details and payment schedule within the Klarna app. Make sure to keep track of your payments and due dates to avoid any potential late fees.

Enjoy Your Purchase

Once the transaction is confirmed, you can collect your items and enjoy your purchase. Klarna will handle the payment processing and any applicable payment schedules according to your chosen payment method.

By following these steps, you can easily use Klarna for in-store shopping, enjoying the flexibility and convenience it offers for managing your purchases and payments.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Klarna

Here, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Klarna. 


Flexibility in Payment Options

Klarna offers various payment methods, including installment plans and “Buy Now, Pay Later” options, allowing users to tailor payments according to their financial situation.

Convenient Checkout Process

With Klarna, the checkout process is streamlined, reducing the time and effort required to complete transactions both online and in-store. This convenience enhances the overall shopping experience for users.

“Buy Now, Pay Later” Option

Klarna’s “Buy Now, Pay Later” feature enables users to make immediate purchases while deferring payment to a later date. This flexibility is particularly useful for unexpected expenses or when awaiting funds.

Interest-Free Options

Klarna often provides interest-free payment plans, encouraging responsible financial management and offering users the opportunity to make purchases without incurring additional costs if payments are made on time.


Risk of Overspending

The ease of using Klarna may lead to impulse purchases and overspending, especially if users need to manage their budgets and spending habits carefully.

Potential Fees

Late payments or missed deadlines can result in additional fees imposed by Klarna, potentially increasing the overall cost of purchases and affecting users’ financial stability.

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Credit Check

Klarna may conduct a credit check when users sign up for their services. This check could impact users’ credit scores and eligibility for certain payment options, particularly for those with poor or limited credit histories.

Dependency on Technology

Klarna’s services rely heavily on smartphones, internet access, and technology infrastructure. Users without reliable access to these resources may face challenges in using Klarna for their purchases, limiting its accessibility and convenience.

Does Klarna Charge Interest?

Klarna usually doesn’t ask for extra money (interest) if you pay on time. But it’s important to know the specific rules for each Klarna payment plan.

Here are some important things about Klarna’s interest policies:

“Buy Now, Pay Later” Option

With Klarna’s “Buy Now, Pay Later” option, you can buy things and wait to pay for some time. If you pay everything within that time, you usually won’t get charged extra money (interest).

Installment Plans

Klarna also lets you divide your payments into equal parts over time. Sometimes, there might be interest, and sometimes not. Most of the time, if you pay on time, there won’t be any extra charges.

Interest Rates

Sometimes, Klarna might offer ways to pay with extra charges (interest). Before agreeing to it, you should carefully read and understand how much extra money you might need to pay.

Late Fees

Even though Klarna doesn’t usually ask for interest, if you’re late with your payments, there might be extra charges or penalties. To avoid this and keep a good record with Klarna, it’s important to pay on time.


In conclusion, Klarna has altered how people purchase goods and pay for them. It provides clear, simple, and convenient methods of payment for goods. Klarna started as a straightforward method of online payment but is now also used in retail establishments, making shopping simpler for everyone.

Globally, Klarna is growing in popularity, providing shoppers with more options when they shop. You can pay for what you buy later, divide your payments into smaller ones, and quickly complete your purchase.

But keep in mind that using Klarna comes with some risks as well. If you don’t pay in full and on time, you might end up spending more than you anticipated. Additionally, Klarna requires a smartphone and internet access.

In short, Klarna is useful for people who want to shop more easily and with more flexibility. Klarna will continue to simplify online and in-store shopping for everyone as it evolves and grows.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I find stores that accept Klarna in-store?

You can check the official Klarna website or mobile app for a list of partner stores that accept Klarna in-store. Additionally, individual store websites may provide information on accepted payment methods.

Can I return items if I’ve used Klarna for in-store purchases?

You can return items purchased using Klarna. However, the return process may vary depending on the store’s policies. Check with the store where you purchased their return procedures.

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