What Credit Card Can You Use At Costco

A Best Guide on What Credit Card Can You Use At Costco in 2024

Discover what credit card can you use at Costco with our comprehensive guide. Learn about the options available for making payments at Costco stores and online, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for all customers

Are you a savvy customer searching for great deals and mass sales? If that’s the case, Costco is one of your favorite places. This retail giant is prestigious for offering quality items at cutthroat costs. But when you go to Costco to make purchases, you might wonder which credit card is your golden ticket.

In our blog, we’ll guide you through the universe of Costco-supported Visas, guaranteeing you take full advantage of your shopping experience. Costco has a special Visa acknowledgment strategy, restricting the cards you can use to upgrade your reserve funds. Dread not, as we’ve gathered a rundown of Visas consistently incorporating with your Costco shopping ventures. 

This blog is your passport to informed spending, whether you frequent Costco or are a newcomer eager to explore the savings paradise. Come along with us as we look at the best credit cards that give you cash back, rewards, and exclusive benefits for your Costco trips. With the right credit card, you can say goodbye to confusion at the checkout and hello to smart, budget-friendly shopping. 

Overview About Costco

Costco Wholesale Corporation, founded in 1983, is a global retail giant headquartered in Issaquah, Washington, USA, with over 830 warehouse club locations worldwide. Known for its emphasis on bulk savings, Costco offers a wide range of products, including groceries, electronics, and clothing, requiring a paid membership for shopping, with popular services such as Costco Travel and a focus on ethical business practices and community engagement.

NameCostco Wholesale Corporation
FoundersJames Sinegal, Jeffrey Brotman
HeadquartersIssaquah, Washington, USA
Number of LocationsOver 830 warehouses globally
Store TypesWarehouse Clubs
ProductsBulk groceries, electronics, appliances, clothing, etc.
MembershipRequires a paid membership for shopping
Membership TypesGold Star ($60/year), Business ($60/year), Executive ($120/year), Online-only
Private LabelKirkland Signature
Accepted Credit CardsMajor credit cards (Visa & Costco Anywhere Visa by Citi preferred), Costco Cash Cards, debit cards
Unique FeaturesLimited product selection, emphasis on bulk savings, 2% annual reward on Executive memberships
Corporate CultureEmployee focus, ethical business practices
Global PresenceOperates in multiple countries around the world
SustainabilityFocus on environmentally friendly practices
Online PresenceE-commerce platform for online shopping
Popular ServicesCostco Travel, Pharmacy, Optical, Photo Center
Noteworthy EventsAnnual members-only savings events like “The Big Game Savings”
Community EngagementCharitable contributions, community outreach programs

What Credit Card Can You Use At Costco

At Costco, you can use the following credit cards:

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Visa Credit Cards

  • Costco principally acknowledges Visa Mastercards for installment.
  • Visa is a broadly utilized and acknowledged Mastercard brand universally.
  • Costco is more convenient for Visa account holders because customers can make purchases with their Visa cards.

Costco Anywhere Visa by Citi

  • The Costco Anyplace Visa is a Mastercard given by Citi Bank and is the favored charge card at Costco.
  • This card offers extra advantages for Costco individuals, like money-back remunerations on qualified buys inside and outside Costco.
  • The money-back remunerations make this card an appealing choice for successive Costco customers.

Major Credit Cards

  • Costco likewise acknowledges other significant charge cards and growing client installment choices.
  • While Visa is the essential Mastercard acknowledged, other significant Visas offer adaptability for clients who might like or fundamentally utilize an alternate charge card brand.
  • It is essential to be aware that Costco’s acceptance of major credit cards may vary by location and country; therefore, it is recommended that you inquire about the specific policies at the Costco warehouse closest to you.

Costco Cash Cards and Debit Cards

  • Notwithstanding Visas, Costco acknowledges Costco Money Cards, gift vouchers individuals can stack with assets and use for purchases.
  • Charge cards are likewise acknowledged, giving clients another advantageous and generally utilized installment choice.

By accepting various payment methods, Costco aims to accommodate the diverse preferences of its members and customers, making the shopping experience more convenient and accessible.

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What Credit Cards Does Costco Not Accept?

Costco has a limited selection of accepted credit cards, so it’s important to be prepared before you shop:

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In-store and at gas stations:

  • American Express: Costco ended its longstanding partnership with American Express in 2016, so no Amex cards of any type are accepted for in-store or gas station purchases.
  • Mastercard: Mastercard is not accepted for in-store or gas station purchases, although they are now accepted online.
  • Discover: Like Mastercard, Discover cards are not accepted for in-store or gas station purchases but are now accepted online.
  • JCB: This popular card in Asia is not accepted at Costco in any location.
  • Diners Club: Diners Club cards are not accepted at Costco in any location.

Online at Costco.com:

  • American Express: While not accepted in-store, surprisingly, American Express cards are not accepted online either.

What To Do If Costco Doesn’t Accept Your Credit Card

If Costco doesn’t accept your credit card, there are several steps you can take:

Verify Accepted Cards

Costco does not accept credit cards. Strategies can change, so it’s smart to double-check with Costco or visit their authority site to see the most modern data on acknowledged installment techniques.

Use an Accepted Card

If your ongoing charge card needs to be acknowledged at Costco, consider utilizing an alternate one they acknowledge. Costco principally acknowledges Visa Visas.

Check for Co-branded Cards

Costco has a co-marked Mastercard, the Costco Anyplace Visa Card, which Citi issues. If you have yet to utilize this card, consider applying, as it is intended for Costco individuals and gives benefits like cashback on Costco purchases.

Use Cash or Debit

If you still require a credit card, Costco typically accepts cash, debit cards, and other payment methods. You can utilize your check card, cash, or other acknowledged installment techniques.

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Contact Costco Customer Service

You can get help from Costco’s customer service if you need help paying or have specific questions about which cards are accepted. They can help you with any problems and provide information about payment options.

Consider Alternatives

If you favor utilizing a particular Visa that Costco doesn’t acknowledge, consider shopping at elective retailers that acknowledge your favored card.

Recollect that store strategy can change, so it’s generally smart to confirm the installment choices straightforwardly with Costco or look at their authority correspondences for refreshes.


Consequently, choosing the right credit card for your Costco shopping endeavors can significantly enhance your savings and overall experience. While Costco fundamentally acknowledges Visa Visas, with the Costco Anyplace Visa by Citi being the favored decision for its extra advantages, it’s essential to know about other significant Mastercards that might be acknowledged in various areas.

The restricted determination of acknowledged Visas at Costco, barring American Express, Find, Mastercard (available), JCB cards, and Coffee Shops Club cards, highlights the significance of being ready before going to the store. It’s careful to look at Costco’s particular strategies in your closest area, as acknowledgment might differ.

Suppose your preferred credit card is not accepted at Costco. There are useful advances you can take, for example, utilizing an acknowledged card, investigating co-marked cards like the Costco Anyplace Visa, or deciding on elective installment techniques like money or check cards. Costco’s client care is likewise accessible to help with installment-related questions.

In the consistently developing scene of installment choices, remaining informed about Costco’s charge card acknowledgment strategies guarantees a smooth and bother-free shopping experience. Whether you’re a carefully prepared Costco customer or a rookie hoping to investigate the reserve funds heaven, the right charge card can be your key to an intelligent, well-disposed financial plan shopping at this retail.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use my Discover card at Costco?

No, Costco does not accept Discover credit cards. It’s important to use a Visa card or the Costco Anywhere Visa by Citi, along with other accepted payment methods.

Can a Costco Credit Card be used anywhere?

The Costco Anywhere Card is a Visa credit card. Earn cash back rewards with this Costco Citi card on every purchase anywhere Visa is accepted.

Do I need a Costco membership to use any Visa card at Costco?

Yes, a Costco membership is required to make purchases at Costco. However, the type of membership (Gold Star, Business, Executive, or Online-only) does not affect the acceptance of Visa cards.

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