Which Fast Food Chain Has The Best Burger?

Mcdonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese

Although we adore our Big Macs, the McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese is much better.

Image Source: Mcdonald's

Wendy’s Dave’s Double

Wendy's catchphrase for years was "fresh never frozen," long before its rivals joined the bandwagon.

Image Source: Wendy’s

Shake Shack’s SmokeShack

Shake Shack's SmokeShack burger really raises the bar, even above casual dining establishments where you can even get a beer on tap.

Image Source: Rock Recipes

In-N-Out Burger’s Double-Double (Animal Style)

The excitement surrounding In-N-Out Burger's hidden menu is well worth it.

Image Source: Eating on A Dime

Burger King’s The Whopper

Burger King's Whopper's secret ingredient is broiled beef, which gives it a faintly charred appearance.

Image Source: Burger King

Whataburger’s Double Meat Whataburger

A Texas mainstay, Whataburger draws inspiration from its southern heritage for its culinary offerings.

Image Source: Calorie Cap

Five Guys’ Cheeseburger

Between the two patties, on a toasted sesame seed bun, they melt two slices of Kraft American cheese.

Image Source: On The Go Bites

Sonic’s Garlic Butter Burger

The first thing that doesn't immediately spring to mind when we think of a delicious sandwich is Sonic's Garlic Butter Burger.

Image Source: Pinterest

White Castle’s Cheese Slider

White Castle's Cheese Slider resembles a product from a Lunchables kids' meal, right down to the square patties and bun.

Image Source: Walmart

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