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The 8 Best Things Under $20 to Get at Costco Right Now

Battery Storage Case

Up to 180 batteries can be stored in a Battery Daddy storage case from Costco, which also comes with a convenient tester.

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Faux Fur Throw

Snuggle up with a plush faux fur throw on the couch.  These throws come in a range of colors and styles to complement your décor and are usually machine washable.

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Pyrex Mixing Bowl Set

A Pyrex mixing bowl set is a multipurpose kitchen necessity that's great for anything from baking to meal prep.

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Kids' Touchscreen Gloves

Kids can use their iPads and smartphones with these gloves on, saving them from having to take off their gloves—a huge convenience in colder months.

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Travel Pet Blanket and Bowl

Invest in a portable dish and blanket set to enhance the comfort of your pet during travels.

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Box of Artisan Chocolate

These gourmet chocolates are available in a range of flavors to suit any craving and are frequently produced with premium ingredients.

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Kirkland Signature Plant-Based Milks

Almond, oat, and soy milk are just a few of the plant-based milk options that Costco sells at affordable prices.

Image Source: Costco Wholesale

Kirkland Signature Bacon

Stock up on Kirkland Signature Bacon to satisfy your cravings for breakfast without going over budget.

Image Source: Costco Business Center

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