Popeyes Drops a New Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes recently introduced a Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich nationwide.

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Bring Back Lunch

The sandwich can be customized with options like Havarti cheese.

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Adding Joy to Lunchtime

Chef Amy Alarcon, Popeyes' VP of culinary innovation, aimed to create a lunch option.

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Honey Lemon Pepper Wings

Until June 30, Popeyes is running a promotion where rewards members spending at least $10.

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Collaborative Marketing Efforts

To promote the new menu item, Popeyes collaborated with the New Orleans hip-hop duo SaxKixAve.

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Exclusive Canadian Offerings

Alongside the Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Popeyes introduced limited-edition.

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Menu Expansion Beyond Sandwiches

In April, Popeyes debuted new items exclusively in Canada.

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Popeyes' Ongoing Menu Evolution

Popeyes continues to expand its menu offerings.

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