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9 Computer Brands to Avoid

Apple – iMac

Look, just listen to us out before you get upset. In the realm of computers, Apple is a dominant power that hardly fails.

Image Source: Apple

Apple – MacBook Air

There is definitely a place for some people in the long-standing Air lineup.

Image Source: Apple


The term "Chromebook" refers to a kind of operating system that Google began contracting out to other businesses years ago rather than a distinct brand.

Image Source: Tech to School


If you're not familiar with the moniker, Razer is a high-end gaming firm that originally made computer peripherals before entering the PC market.

Image Source: Razer


Samsung is a well-known firm in several areas. Computers, yes, but also refrigerators, washing machines, cell phones, even military tanks.

Image Source: Samsung


Pre-built gaming PCs are sold by iBUYPOWER via internet and big-box retailers like Costco and Walmart.

Image Source: Amazon.com


In the business, Alienware is another well-known gaming-focused company that is technically a subdivision of Dell.

Image Source: Amazon


Toshiba, like Samsung, has its fingers in a lot of different pieties. It most definitely backfired in this instance.

Image Source: Unsplash

Sony Vaio

Sony sold Japan Industrial Partners 95% of the company when sales fell off a cliff in 2014.

Image Source: ebay

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