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8 Insider Secrets of Walmart That You Should Know

Clearance Aisle Timing

Our secret warehouse worker tells us that the clearance aisle has weekly secret sales that are only open to the knowledgeable.

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Stack Savvy Mobile App Coupons

For astute shoppers, the Walmart app is a treasure, according to our insider. Turn on push alerts for clearance events there.

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Price Match Locally (Or Even With Amazon)

Our insider informed us that there is still hope for buyers who are dissatisfied with the prices they have already paid for items

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Use Scan-&-Go For Faster Checkout

Our assistance offers time-saving solutions that are well worth attempting when checkout queues stretch across the front of establishments.

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Carefully Vet “Rollback” Discounts

The bright yellow "Rollback" placards that are strewn all over Walmart's shelves naturally alert customers to the discounted prices.

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Shop During Off-Peak Hours

Organizing your Walmart runs to avoid the busiest shopping times on weekends and evenings will help you shop more efficiently.

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Don’t Fear Asking For Help

Our staffer informed us that Walmart still employs a large number of floor staff members who are prepared to serve customers, despite its big-box size.

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Link Loyalty Account Scoring Cash Back 

Lastly, our Walmart expert revealed their best-kept secret loyalty benefit, which is frequently disregarded.

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