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7 Stores Where You Can Find Cheaper Meals Than Takeout


Even with the $60 yearly membership price, you can save money all year long as long as you can use the products that you buy.

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Not only does the store prioritize savings, but it also offers a respectable assortment of frozen meals at a lower cost than takeout.

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Trader Joe’s

There is a wide variety of food available at Trader Joe's, including items you might not find at other supermarkets.

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Target, like Walmart, prides itself on offering the majority of their products at fair rates, including in the food department.

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Aldi is one of those retailers that puts its customers' ability to save money first.

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Sam’s Club

Check out Sam's Club's assortment of frozen and ready-to-eat meals if one is close by. Similar to Costco, most purchases require a membership.

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A touch more expensive than stores like Aldi, this grocery shop has a large selection of high-quality meal options that can still be more affordable than takeout.

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