7 Easy & Vegan Takeout Style Spring Rolls

Rainbow Veggie Spring Rolls 

These colorful spring rolls are packed with all the colors of the rainbow! You can make it with Bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, etc.

Image Source: Delish

Spicy Peanut Tofu Spring Rolls

These spring rolls have a kick! The tofu is marinated in a spicy peanut sauce and then stir-fried with vegetables.

Image Source: Wendy’s

Black Bean and Mango Spring Rolls 

These spring rolls are a sweet and savory twist on the classic. The black beans add protein and heartiness.

Image Source: Rock Recipes

Crispy Wonton Spring Rolls

These spring rolls are made with wonton wrappers, which are thinner and crispier than spring roll wrappers.

Image Source: Eating on A Dime

Air-Fryed Spring Rolls

If you're looking for a healthier option, you can air-fry your spring rolls. This method uses less oil than deep-frying.

Image Source: Burger King

Baked Spring Rolls

Another healthy option is to bake your spring rolls. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius).

Image Source: Calorie Cap

Fresh Spring Rolls

These spring rolls are not fried at all! They are made with rice paper wrappers and filled with fresh vegetables, herbs, and noodles.

Image Source: On The Go Bites

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