6 Things You Should Never, Ever Buy at Costco


According to Kiplinger's, a lot of supermarkets utilize soda as a "loss leader," or a product that is sold below cost to get customers into the store.

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Toilet paper

Reader's Digest discovered a 36-count Cottonelle Ultra box at Target for $16.99, while a 45-count package is available at Costco for about $28.99.

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Facial tissues

Consumer Reports claims that when compared to comparable tissues on the market, Costco's Kirkland Signature face tissues were only "so-so."

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Gel dishwashing detergent

"The Kirkland Signature Gel is one of our lowest-rated detergents with an overall score of 34," they stated.

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Fruits and veggies

Of course, it will be difficult for many households to consume 24 apples before they spoil.

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Brand-name clothing

An article of apparel does not necessarily fulfill the standard of quality associated with a well-known brand just because it is created by that brand.

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