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6 Mistakes You Should Never Make When Shopping At ALDI

Forgetting Your Quarter

To begin with, you will need to "rent" your shopping cart at ALDI by using a quarter.

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Only Looking For Name Brands 

You should be open-minded and try out brands you may not be familiar with when you shop at ALDI.

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Skipping The 'ALDI Finds' Aisle 

In most stores, the "ALDI Finds" are located close to the center. Every Wednesday, a new batch of ALDI Finds is unveiled.

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Sticking To A List

Apart from the "ALDI Finds," ALDI consistently replenishes their shelves with fresh merchandise, particularly during the holiday season.

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Not Bringing Reusable Bags

ALDI advises customers to use their own bags when shopping. This contributes to waste reduction and increases the efficiency.

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Blocking The Checkout Line After Paying

You'll notice that the ALDI checkout assistant does not bag your items—instead, she merely puts them back in your shopping cart.

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