6 Frugal Living Tips Retirees Should Avoid in 2024

Extreme Budgeting

You must make every dollar matter in retirement, but you are not required to count every penny.

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Not Investing in Good Health

In retirement, when medical expenses start to mount as the body ages, health truly is wealth.

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Cutting Costs by Cutting Out Social Connections

You may see a chance to save money when friends invite you out for a meal, a movie, or anything else.

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Saving Money by DIYing Your Finances

Financial planners, investment advisors, CPAs, and other experts in money matters are not inexpensive, at least not the quality ones.

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Eliminating Investing To Reduce Risk

A common misconception among retirees is that investing should be done prior to retirement in order to accumulate funds for retirement.

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Always Buying the Cheapest Version of Something

when a chair, lamp, measuring cup, or other item you're eyeing has multiple variations.

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