6 Amazon Items Frugal People Never Buy

Bulk Items

It makes sense to continue with Sam's Club, Costco, or BJ's if you have a membership there if you enjoy the super-sized shopping experience that they popularized.

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Brand-Name Beauty Products

Pogson added that, while for different reasons than bulk purchases, thrifty consumers steer clear of beauty products from Amazon with well-known brands.

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High-End Fashion

Sarib Rehman, the creator of the e-commerce site Flipcost and a specialist in online shopping

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Off-Brand Tech Accessories

Savvy consumers would rather spend a little bit more up front on high-quality products than compounding their losses over time by replacing flimsier

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Expensive Exercise Equipment

While Amazon may be the best option for purchasing a pull-up bar or jump rope, consumers on a tight budget will likely look elsewhere for pricey.

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Perishable Goods

Though many shelf-stable items are available at great prices on Amazon, frugal consumers typically avoid perishable

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