5 Sam’s Club Items Frugal People Never Buy


Fresh produce at Sam's Club may cost less per unit than at your neighborhood grocery store, but that doesn't always mean you should buy it

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Sam's Club offers a vast selection of jumbo-sized cereals, but Ramhold advised against buying them unless you are convinced.

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Bakery Items

While resisting the allure of appetizing-looking Sam's Club pastries and desserts can require a strong will, Ramhold generally advises against it.

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For instance, at Sam's Club, a 114-ounce bottle of Member's Mark Grade A Fancy Ketchup costs just $4.98.

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Laundry Detergent

For instance, Tide Free and Gentle Liquid Laundry Detergent costs $24.98 ($0.15 per ounce) for a 170-fluid-ounce bottle at Sam's Club(10).

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