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10 Best Things to Buy at Hobby Lobby for Easter

Flocked bunnies

Flocked bunnies, one of the most well-liked Hobby Lobby Easter purchases, are going viral on TikTok.

Image Source: Hobby Lobby

matching Easter eggs

You may also find identical Easter eggs in comparable colors and materials next to the flocking bunnies.

Image Source: Hobby Lobby

celebratory banner

A celebration banner from Hobby Lobby is another essential for Easter, according to Samantha Landau, a consumer analyst at TopCashback.

Image Source: Hobby Lobby

lace table runners

Lace table runners are another item on Landau's list of Easter treasures at Hobby Lobby.

Image Source: Hobby Lobby

festive flair

Are you trying to find something with a little holiday flair? Easter eggs that are in style with the newest disco trends are also available at Hobby Lobby.

Image Source: Hobby Lobby

disco ball Easter eggs,

Even if you're more into disco ball Easter eggs than minimalist décor, Hobby Lobby is still worth visiting.

Image Source: Hobby Lobby


Since you can also get baskets for the yearly hunt, Hobby Lobby is a true one-stop shop for Easter buying.

Image Source: Hobby Lobby

March rolls 

Easter is usually associated with sweets, so when the end of March arrives, you may find yourself baking nonstop.

Image Source: Hobby Lobby

bunny bubbles

While everyone has occasionally splurged on purchases, this is especially true when stuffing an Easter basket.

Image Source: Hobby Lobby

decorative carrots and mushrooms

This Easter, TikTokers suggest picking up some ornamental mushrooms and carrots for a lively and festive look.

Image Source: Hobby Lobby

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