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10 Aldi Items Frugal People Always Buy

Heavy Whipping Cream

It's easy to utilize heavy whipping cream in soups, baked dishes, and other recipes.

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Bulk Rice

Earthly Grains Parboiled Rice, available in 5-pound bags, costs slightly more than $4 at Aldi.

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She said that compared to ordinary supermarkets, these rates are around $2 less per pound.

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Fresh Produce

Loose produce, or stuff you pick yourself, is available at Aldi and is typically extremely inexpensively priced.

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Potato Chips

Clancy's Wavy Potato Chips are $1.59 for a 10-ounce package.

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You can purchase the Roth brand for $1.99 or Choceur for $1.59 per bar at Aldi.

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Facial Tissues

You may be able to get costs that are similar to Dollar Tree's depending on where you reside. For instance, Scotties Facial Tissue packs cost $1.25 at Aldi.

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Raw Honey

For Chodorowska, Aldi's the go-to place to shop for raw honey, as it costs around $4.99 where she lives. At some locations, you can get honey for even less.

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Another item that frugal shoppers frequently purchase from Aldi is Irish butter. Where Chodorowska resides, it only costs $3.29, she said.

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Eggs are very last on the list, but not least. Eggs by the dozen at Aldi start at $1.65.

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