How To Check Walmart Gift Card Balance

How To Check Walmart Gift Card Balance: 4 Best Methods

Learn how to check Walmart gift card balance with our comprehensive guide. Learn step-by-step instructions and convenient methods to ensure you always know your remaining balance for hassle-free shopping experiences.

Explore our comprehensive guide on how to check your Walmart gift card balance. Whether you got a gift card as a present or are a continuous Walmart customer, monitoring your gift card balance is essential for dealing with your buys.

With Walmart’s vast array of items, from groceries to gadgets, realizing your gift card balance guarantees a consistent shopping experience with practically no curve balls at the checkout counter.

This blog entry will walk you through the different strategies to check your Walmart gift voucher balance. Whether you like to check it online, through phone, or in-store, we’ve got you covered.

Also, we’ll talk about a few supportive tips on dealing with your gift voucher balance and into capitalizing on your Walmart shopping experience.

So, if you’re ready to take control of your Walmart gift card balance and shop confidently, let’s dive into the details and learn how to stay updated on your gift card funds effortlessly.

Where Can You Buy Walmart Gift Cards?

Walmart’s gift cards can be bought from different areas, offering accommodation and availability to clients. Here are a few regular spots where you can purchase Walmart gift cards:

Walmart Stores

You can purchase Walmart gift cards at any store area, usually found close to the checkout paths or in the gift voucher segment of the store. Select the ideal gift voucher category and configuration, continue to the checkout counter, and pay for it like some other product.

The authority Walmart site,, likewise offers the choice to buy Walmart present cards online. You can browse actual gift vouchers or gift cards, select the plan and section, add them to your truck, and complete the buy through the site.

Third-Party Retailers

Some outsider retailers, for example, supermarkets, general stores, pharmacies, and online gift voucher commercial centers, additionally sell Walmart gift vouchers. These retailers might have committed gift voucher segments where you can find Walmart present cards accessible for procurement.

Walmart Mobile App

Assuming that you have the Walmart versatile application introduced on your cell phone, you might have the option to buy Walmart present cards straightforwardly through the application. Just explore the Gift vouchers segment inside the application and follow the prompts to make your buy.

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Online Gift Card Websites

Some different web-based stages and sites have practical experience selling gift vouchers, including Walmart. Walmart gift cards can be purchased on these websites and sent electronically or by mail.

How To Check Walmart Gift Card 

Checking the balance of your Walmart gift card is a short process and can be done through several convenient methods. Here’s how to check your Walmart gift card balance:


  • Visit the Walmart website ( using a web browser on your computer or smartphone.
  • Navigate to the “Gift Cards” section of the website.
  • Look for the option to “Check Gift Card Balance” or “Manage Gift Cards.”
  • Enter the 16-digit gift card number and the PIN code (if applicable) into the designated fields.
  • Click the “Check Balance” button to view your gift card balance.

By Phone:

  • Dial Walmart’s toll-free gift card balance inquiry number is 1-888-537-5503.
  • Follow the automated prompts to enter your gift card number when prompted.
  • Enter the PIN code if required.
  • Listen for your gift card balance, which the automated system will provide.


  • Visit any Walmart store location.
  • Take your gift card to the customer service desk or a cashier.
  • Ask the staff member to check the balance of your gift card.
  • Provide your gift card number and PIN code if requested.

Walmart Mobile App:

  • If you have the Walmart mobile app installed on your smartphone, you can check your gift card balance through the app.
  • Open the Walmart app and navigate to the “Gift Cards” section.
  • Enter your gift card number and PIN (if required) into the app.
  • View your gift card balance within the app.

Utilizing one of these strategies, you can rapidly and effectively check the leftover balance on your Walmart gift card, allowing you to design your purchases sensibly and avoid unexpected issues at the checkout counter.

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7 Benefits Of Walmart Gift Card

Walmart gift cards offer several benefits to purchasers and recipients, making them a popular choice for gift-giving and personal use. Some key benefits of Walmart gift cards include.


Walmart present cards can be utilized to buy many items, and management is available at Walmart stores,, Sam’s Club, and Walmart-possessed service stations. Beneficiaries have the adaptability to look over food, gadgets, clothing, and family things, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, taking special care of different preferences and requirements.


Buying and utilizing Walmart present cards is helpful and hassle-free. Present cards can be purchased online, coming up, or through outsider retailers, giving adaptability to the buying system. Beneficiaries can use the present card for coming up or online purchases without requiring money or visas.

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No Expiration Date

Walmart gift vouchers don’t have termination dates, permitting beneficiaries adequate opportunity to utilize the total worth of the card without stressing over losing assets because of lapse. This component gives inward harmony and guarantees that beneficiaries can shop whenever it suits them.

No Fees

Walmart gift vouchers convey no charges, including enactment expenses or support charges. Unlike a few pre-loaded cards or gift vouchers from different retailers, Walmart gift vouchers hold their entire worth with next to no derivations, upgrading their worth to the two buyers and beneficiaries.

Easy Balance Management

Checking the balance of a Walmart gift card is essential and should be possible on the web, by telephone, coming up, or through the Walmart versatile application. Because of this, recipients can plan their purchases and remain aware of their available funds.

Gift-Giving Flexibility

Walmart present cards are a flexible and helpful choice for different events, including birthday events, occasions, weddings, and graduations. Gift providers can customize the gift by choosing the ideal category and configuration, allowing beneficiaries to pick their favored things.

Redeemable at Affiliated Stores

Walmart gift vouchers can be utilized at stores and subsidiary areas, such as Sam’s Club and Walmart-possessed service stations, giving beneficiaries extra choices for shopping and comfort.

Walmart gift cards are convenient for both gift-givers and recipients because they offer convenience, adaptability, and versatility. With no termination dates, no expenses, and the capacity to look for many items, Walmart gift vouchers are a pragmatic and valued gift choice for some events.

How To Check Transaction History On Your Walmart Gift Card

Checking the transaction history on your Walmart gift card can help you keep track of your purchases and monitor your spending. Here are seven points outlining how to check your transaction history:

  • Online Account: Sign in to your account utilizing your certifications.
  • Gift Card Dashboard: Explore the “Gift vouchers” segment or “Record” settings.
  • Transaction History: Search for the choice to see your gift voucher exchange history.
  • Select Gift Card: Assuming you have various gift vouchers connected to your record, select the voucher you need to see the exchange history.
  • View Transactions: A list of recent purchases made with your gift card can be accessed by clicking the link or tab labeled “transaction history.”
  • Details: Audit the exchange subtleties, including the date, time, area, and measure of every exchange.
  • Download or Print: A stage offers the choice to download or print your exchange history for record-keeping purposes.
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By following these steps, you can easily check the transaction history on your Walmart gift card and stay informed about your recent purchases and account activity.

Tips For Managing Your Walmart Gift Card

Sure, here are some tips for managing your Walmart gift card:

  • Check Balance Regularly: Monitor your gift voucher equilibrium to follow your spending and guarantee you have adequate assets for future buys.
  • Use Online Account: Create an internet-based account on to rapidly check your gift voucher balance, view your exchange history, and deal with your record settings.
  • Set Budget: To avoid overspending and make wise purchases with your Walmart gift card balance, set a budget.
  • Combine Balances: Assuming you have different Walmart gift vouchers, consider joining the equilibriums onto one card for simpler administration and following.
  • Protect Card Information: To prevent unauthorized use or theft, treat your Walmart gift card like cash and keep the card number and PIN safe.
  • Use Mobile App: Download the Walmart versatile application to advantageously check your gift voucher balance, peruse items, and track down store areas.
  • Redeem Rewards: Exploit any prizes or cashback offers related to your Walmart present card to amplify investment funds on your buys.


All in all, checking your Walmart gift card balance is fundamental to guarantee a consistent shopping experience and possible financial plan for the executives. You can easily track how much money is left in your gift card using various options, such as mobile apps, in-store support, online platforms, phone calls, and in-store assistance. Routinely observing your equilibrium engages you to go with informed buying choices, abstain from overspending, and plan your shopping trips effectively.

In addition, maintaining security measures like safeguarding the information on your gift cards and checking for unauthorized transactions increases the security of your funds and promotes stability. Moreover, utilizing highlights like joining adjusts and setting financial plans offers further control and accommodation in dealing with your Walmart gift voucher.

By integrating these practices into your daily schedule, you can advance the utility of your Walmart gift voucher’s utility while partaking in its adaptability and advantages. Finally, the capacity to check your gift voucher balance engages you in exploring your shopping processes with certainty, guaranteeing that you take full advantage of your Walmart gift card experience.

FAQs- How To Check Walmart Gift Card Balance

What should I do if my Walmart gift card balance is incorrect?

If you believe there’s an error in your gift card balance, contact Walmart’s customer service for assistance. Have your gift card details ready for a quicker resolution.

How to transfer balance Walmart gift card to another card

Walmart does not allow direct balance transfers between gift cards. You can only use the original card for purchases.

Is there a fee for checking my Walmart gift card balance?

No, checking your gift card balance is usually a free service provided by Walmart.

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